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Perc Testing and Utilities on North Idaho Land


Perc Testing?

I got asked the other day.  I’m looking at this vacant land listing and what does it mean its been perk tested?  A perc test (also spelled perk – both are correct) is short for percolation test. It is a test which measures the absorption rate of the soil where a proposed septic system will be installed.
Usually A hole, 5-7 feet deep is dug in an area to be tested for future use as a drain field, or near the drain-field area in representative soils. Water is poured into the hole and and the septic engineer or contractor observes the rate at which soil absorbs the water by noting the time that it takes for the level of water in the hole to drop one inch (for example).

More precise “perc tests” may involve using a specific quantity of water or a perc test hole of specific dimensions to make these observations.

For Idahos required specs click here.  They are pretty lengthy so be prepared.

Before you ever plan on building you will need to do a perc test.  I suggest not purchasing land until you know it has been perc tested.  If the ground doesn’t drain right or there is no proper drainage for “waste” you will not be building what you are planning on building.  Always a good little piece of homework to get done prior to the commitment of a new piece of land.


Idaho Real home

Building your dream home can be very rewarding

Utilities are there what does that mean?

Generally it means that the utilities are at the property line.  Now if they have already cleared a home site you may have utilities to the site.  that is a very important question could save you thousands of dollars.

What Utilities are we talking?

In North Idaho we are usually talking Electricity and Telephone.  Some areas that may include gas also but for the real rural properties probably not.  So if gas is important to you definitely make sure that is a specific question that you ask.  Otherwise you may be surprised when the deal is done.

Our Main utility companies for Rural land (depending on the area) are Avista, Kootenai Electric and Northern Lights.  They all have different charges etc for installing utilities.  So depending on where your property is that you are considering you may want to get a quote on the price for utilities prior to purchasing your land.  Electricity is usually brought in to the meter.  From there you will have an electrician finishing the electrical install from there.

Water is usually supplied by either a community service out in the country or by a priviate well.  You will want to really check that out prior to purchase.  Some of the community systems are running 5-7k to hook up to there service.  And that usually is just the hook up its not usually running the pipes into your yard and connecting to your house.  So you want to clarify that prior to purchase also if your on a budget and want to keep track of what everything is going to cost.  A well is going to probably run you from 10k and up depending on the location, how deep the water is etc.  You can check out my other blog on wells for the list of local well drillers.

Buying land in Idaho can be a fun and rewarding proposition if your prepared and you can offset most of the surprises.  Nothing more fun then knowing that property you live on you built from the ground up.  You know it so well from the inside out per say.  Its a great feeling.

I hope this gives you some ideas of where you will be starting from and gets the question process started for you.  Feel free to contact me with questions ideas and other additions that you have to the process.



North Idaho Water-Wells


North Idaho Water

North Idaho Land comes in a variety of shapes, and sizes.  An assortment of topography, an assortment of trees and other outstanding features.  But beneath it all you still need water.  The source of life.  So where does the water come from in North Idaho and Eastern Washington?

Lots of Water in Idaho

Lots of Water in Idaho


One Great big giant aquifer:  Kootenai County Aquifer:

The Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer formed during the last ice age, 12,000 to 20,000 years ago, when massive floods spread across northern Idaho and eastern Washington. The Spokane floods occurred when an ice dam holding back 500 cubic miles of water in Glacial Lake Missoula broke. Waters raced across the land, dropping sands, gravels and boulders. Scientists believe these floods may have occurred dozens of times.

Where is it?

The aquifer lies below 325 square miles of land surface in northern Idaho and eastern Washington, and is the sole source of drinking water for the region’s 450,000 people.

What composes it?

The aquifer is composed of glacial out wash–sands, gravels and cobbles. It is extremely permeable, high in groundwater velocity and susceptible to contamination. Coeur d’Alene Lake and the Spokane River contribute about one-third of the water flow in the aquifer. Precipitation contributes another third. The lake watersheds of Hayden, Spirit, Twin, Hauser and Pend Oreille provide most of the additional flow crossing the state line.

Check out these links for a bit more information on the history of water in North Idaho and Eastern Washington

Panhandle Health District

Idaho Ground Water

So maybe you buy that land without water already on it.  You have a multitude of options around here depending on where you buy.  Sometimes you may need to drill a well – please check out the link for the list of licensed well drillers to find one in the area that you are buying in.

Otherwise some of the bigger rural subdivisions have a community system that everyone pays into and all share or if you go in town you will have town water.  All coming to and from our great aquifer.  

Licensed Idaho Well Drillers

For the most part our water in this area is excellent.  We do have a few pockets of areas North of the Aquifer though that the water is not so great.  We have quite a few prehistoric forests under our ground  up North and depending upon where they are in the decomposition phase can greatly affect your water.  Your local well driller should be able to advise you on the quality of water and as your Real Estate Agent I do have a pretty good idea of the areas that you are going to want to be a little more selective on really checking the water quality before purchasing if you can.  Contact me for questions on the water in this beautiful area.



How to Buy vacant land in Idaho!

How to buy land  in Idaho:

Land!  One of the few things there not making anymore.  Can’t print it, can’t manufacture it!  Better Buy it while you can!

So you found the vacant land you want to buy.  You plan to  make a good investment and potentially build someday in the future,  hang onto it, hand it down to the kids, or resell it when its retirement time.  So the big question is how to make that purchase.  There is not a ton of banks out there willing to loan on land.  Frankly only a very small handful.  And then the hoops to jump through as anyone knows to get a loan right now is not easy.

Buying Land in Idaho

Land for Sale in Idaho

So here are the options:  Cash of course is king:  But-  don’t have the cash?  I do have a few lenders available  that are willing to loan on vacant land.  Contact me for the list.   They all usually require at least 20% of the purchase price down plus your closing costs.  You will have to go through all the regular hoops of doing a purchase.  Click here to get an idea of what it will take to get a loan.

Your other option is to hopefully find someone who has their land paid off that doesn’t mind carrying the paper.  There is a good handful of them available also.  You will usually pay a little more interest then you would if you finance it but that sometimes is what it takes. Especially if you’re having a hard time qualifying for a land loan.

Most sellers that are going to hold paper usually require at least 10% down and up to 20% down maybe even more just depends on their situation.  And yes its always negotiable but you want to be prepared for worse case scenario.  They usually need enough to pay their closing fees, Realtor fees etc.  You will also have closing costs so add that little extra into the equation.  

When buying land with seller contract Quite often  you will not find sellers willing to carry for traditional bank terms.  You will be more likely finding them wanting it paid off in 5 or 10 years.  

Buying vacant land is a great investment opportunity for you though.  Here in North Idaho you can get in as low as 25k for some smaller town lots and probably on the average 50-80k will buy you up to a 10 acre parcel.  Sometimes for less, sometimes more, depending on the location of course.

To have a special search of land made for you in the price range of your choice please contact me and I would be happy to set it up for you.  Otherwise you can always use the free search here on the blog post.  Have a Special day:) And Welcome to Idaho!


Farm Life! Baby Lambs are Here!

Farm Life!  Life on the farm can be super fun some-days and a lot of work others.

So its January, February time and the weather is horrible.  Snowing right now as I type.  But it always makes me think of Spring when the lambs start coming.  I am a small farm/ranch.  We raise a handful of sheep, a few Tennessee Walking Horses, some chickens and a few dairy goats.  So critters abound.

Farm Life

Lambing season is upon us. A cold day on the farm.

These little boys I am going to share with you are “bummers” (they lost their mom ma) so they are now bottle children.  The chicks that are also on this video we incubated and hatched so they are our children also.

As of today we have 13 lambs on the ground I am expecting another 4+ here soon.

One more ewe out there grunting and groaning right now.  She hates to get caught having her lambs so she is doing her best to outsmart us and sneakily have them.  Between my daughter and I though that won’t be happening:).   She gets a check up every 2 hours whether she wants it or not.  Its cold out and we try to make sure we are there for all births as those babies need dried and a heat lamp soon or they will freeze literally.


Baby Lamb Hugs are the Best! Glenda Coe Getting the honors.

I’m just going to clarify on this video I am no video expert.

My phone and google+ created this video and I am still trying to learn how it did it.  Farm girl /Techy girl don’t really go in the same sentence.  This has been huge work in progress for me.  But I am learning.  You really can teach old dogs new tricks.  It just takes a little longer:).

Click the link to be taken to the video.  It is cute!  John Hoffmann doing the honors.

A Day on the Farm

A Day on the Farm bottle feeding the bummers

Home Selling Sabatoge 101!

Real Estate Agents Rank Biggest Home Seller Mistakes

A recent survey of real estate agents by Active Rain has confirmed that there are certain things a seller should avoid if they are trying to get their home sold  for the best price in the least amount of time.

The results of this survey are no surprise to real estate agents, but sellers need to understand that eliminating as many hurdles as possible to the sale of your home will help you achieve your desired outcome.

Biggest home seller mistakes

Data provided by

Active Rain is an online community of real estate professionals who exchange best practices, write real estate blogs, and get free education from the industry and their peers.  I am an active “rainmaker” in active rain and love some of the information that they help make available to all of us real estate agents.  A great spot to share ideas, referrals, best practices and brain storm with other serious like-minded agents across the country.

Of the top mistakes, most are ultimately in the hands of the seller. But with some help from me as your home selling team member we can minimize the effect of some of these.

Here are the top mistakes real estate agents commonly see made by homeowners looking to sell their houses from across the country.

1. Overpriced Home

Nothing shocking here. This was far and away the most common mistake sellers make that prevent them from selling their home.

If you overpriced your home there is a pretty good chance no one is going to want to buy it. Real estate agents do not set the real estate market. A great real estate agent will suggest a price at which to list your home based on comparable homes that have already sold in the market. Overpricing a home to ‘see if you can get someone to bite’ is not a strategy employed by someone really serious about selling. Overpricing a home will lead to missed opportunities with buyers that are serious about buying in the range at which your home should be listed.

The first week during which a home is listed will generally be the time that the most eyeballs are on the home and the largest potential pool of buyers will be exposed to the listing. Setting a price that reflects the market is essential to selling! This is exacerbated in a downward trending market. Many a seller has lost thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars chasing a market down after setting a listing price that was outside what the market was willing to bear.

There are some agents that will take your home  overpriced  just to say they have inventory.  But an agent that is really in the business to sell knows that an overpriced listing is nothing but an albatross around their neck.  It’s a set up for an unhappy client (you) and it does nothing for them in the big scheme.  They either waste time and money on it marketing it or worse for you the just let it sit as they know that 6 months from now you will have to lower your price.

2. Showing Availability – It’s Difficult to Set a Showing

The chances your home will sell when buyers can’t get in to physically inspect the property are minuscule. Sellers need to understand that listing a home for sale is going to lead to some inconveniences in your normal routine. Many serious buyers may want to physically inspect a property during times which may not be convenient for the seller. Knowing this, motivated sellers need to understand that flexibility in when you allow the home to be sold could have a direct impact on the sale of your home.

It’s not -uncommon  for sellers to see 8, 10, even 20 homes during a showing tour with their agent. If your house isn’t on that list because you only do showings on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm, you will miss out on ready, willing and able buyers.

I have seen that one so many times.  When you have a schedule of homes and scattered locations many times as an agent you just don’t have the time to drive back and forth across town.  You really do need to show one area at a time.  Making it inconvenient for an agent to get into quite often just gets your house missed.

3. Cluttered Space – Unwilling to Depersonalize or Remove Clutter

Sellers are sometimes unwilling to either make the effort, or unwilling to compromise how they live in their home during the time the home is on the market for showings. Serious sellers realize that by depersonalizing the home and removing unwarranted clutter, it allows potential buyers to more easily visualize their own things in the house.

When you live in your home day in and day out, you become comfortable with your own ‘things’. In many cases, however, your ‘stuff’ can make a room feel smaller than it actually is and in some more extreme cases, your ‘stuff’ can completely distract someone from visualizing the potential of a room. We know you are proud of your kids as the shrine in the living room displays all of their ribbons, trophies and diplomas from the last 20 years. But for a buyer, this is only a distraction.

Many agents will make recommendations about ways to remove clutter or depersonalize your home. Some will even suggest that a professional home stager be brought it to completely maximize the space and create a setting maximizes the buyers ability to visualize their own things. The key thing to remember here is these suggestions are not personal and you may have to be a little uncomfortable so that your house puts it’s best foot forward.

4. Unpleasant Odors in the House

“Mr and Mrs. Seller, your house stinks!”

Most agents aren’t going to be this blunt. But in some cases they wish they could be. They’ll take a more tactical approach and say something like…..’during the time your house is on the market, it might be a good idea to smoke outside’.

But what they know is that nothing will stop a potential buyer in their tracks faster than a strong odor of any sort. In some cases this could just be the left over smell from last nights dinner. In more extreme cases, agents tell horror stories of entering homes that have a bad smell of pet urine or smoking.

The main concern for the buyer is, of course, “is the house going to smell like this once we move in?” Real Estate agents confirm that many a buyer has passed on a home after coming to their own conclusion on that answer.

Your agent isn’t suggesting a fresh coat of paint and new carpet because they don’t like how things look. They are making this suggestion because they realize that the smoke odor in your home is going to be a major turn off for anyone thinking about buying your home.

This probably should be higher up on the list if you ask me.  I have many a time had people walk out of a house and totally take it off the consider list if it has an odor.  Smoke smell is a total turnoff to a non smoker and pet odors are out of this world.

I would also add here a little tidbit about pets.  Unless you have a “must have” pet in the house it is always best for them to be out of the house during a showing.  I will never forget the house that had a “little bit of a pet odor” my buyers were pet people so they weren’t totally turned off they were willing to “work” with it.  Until the little dog that lived there took a  big pee on the carpet right in front of them.  They hadn’t put the pee odor together with the dog was doing it on the carpet.  They ran out of that house!

5. Seller Unwilling to Make Repairs Prior to Listing

No seller wants to spend a few thousand dollars making repairs to a house you are about to sell. Agents understand that. But they also understand that few buyers want to move in to a house that needs a bunch of work done immediately upon moving in.

One of your objectives to selling your home is to make it as appealing as possible to as wide of an audience as possible. If the seller is unwilling to make repairs, and a buyer doesn’t want a bunch of work upon moving in, you’ve shrunk the pool of potential buyers for your property.

Some sellers may want to offer the buyer a credit at closing for certain repairs. That doesn’t work very well as most buyers can’t see past the torn rug or the peeling roof.  And the other big drawback to that is in todays lending world those repairs negate a lot of different loans that are available to your buyer.  They may get knocked out of your house even if they were willing to take it on due to what they can get for a home loan.  If a real want to live in it buyer can’t get a loan that is going to leave you to the mercy of the investor buyers.  And yes they want to make a profit on their investment so don’t expect top dollar from them.

6. Sellers Unwilling to Negotiate with Buyers

Setting a market price on a home is not an exact science. Many real estate agents will give the seller a range in which they predict the home will sell. As a seller, you should always want the most money the market will bear. That being said, the unwillingness to negotiate with buyers can turn away even the most serious buyers.

Price is not the only condition which is open to negotiation. Buyers and sellers can negotiate on dates, fixtures that might stay with the home, repairs and a host of other sticking points. Sellers that refuse to negotiate and are set on digging in their heels are much less likely to find a willing and able buyer.

Don’t be insulted by low offers. This is so important.  And I always try to prep my sellers to expect it.  A low offer is nothing more than a starting point from where wants someone who actually your house enough to put it in writing is willing to start.   Buyers want to get the home for the best price and on the best terms they can. Just like a sellers wants to sell for the best price on the best terms. It’s rare that either party walks away from a negotiation with everything they want. Motivated sellers understand this and are willing to negotiate.

7. Bad Photos in the MLS

This one will most likely fall on your real estate agent. But knowing that bad photos in the MLS can be an impediment to the sale of your home, as a seller it’s imperative that you demand great photography from your agent.

Studies show that greater than 85% of people are going online as a part of their research for buying a home. Most buyers will probably first be introduced to your home online. Poor photos could be cause for them to disregard your home before they ever set foot in it.

The photos used to market your home are generally the first impression any buyer will have of your home.  So make sure your agent has a good photo plan for your home.

Never let your home go on the market without photos! If it means waiting a day or two before listing, wait. A large number of potential buyers in your market will be exposed to your home the first day it goes on the market. Having great photos the first day the home hits the market is a must.  That is actually something as your Real Estate agent I insist on.

8. The Home is Just Plain Messy

You were late for work this morning so you ran out of the house without picking up from last night’s dinner. Not a big deal…..unless you have potential buyers that will be stopping by.

Some people may be able to look past the dishes stacked up in the sink, but enough buyers won’t be able to look past the mess. Remember, buyers want to envision their things in your house. The more obstacles you put in the way, the harder time they have connecting with the home emotionally.

Take the time every day to make sure everything is cleaned up and the home is in showing condition.

9. Sellers Who Like to Play Tour Guide During Showings

Almost every real estate agent who participated agreed that sellers should leave the house during showings. Some sellers want to stick around and make sure buyers see all the important features of a home. The problem with that………as a seller you don’t know what’s important to a buyer.

Sellers that hover around during a showing will make the buyer nervous. They won’t feel comfortable discussing things they like or dislike about the house with their agent. In addition, most buyers like to explore a little bit. Interested buyers tend to do things like open cabinets and check in closets to get a better sense for the entire home. A hovering seller can make this very uncomfortable for some buyers.

Bottom line……leave the house when it’s being shown. Your presence there will only make things worse.  I can’t tell you how many times I have had sellers mess up a sale for their home when I have brought buyers through.  It is so true You don’t know what is important to these buyers.  I’ve watched sellers try to show closet features when only the kitchen matters.  Or only the size of the living room matters.  It is so in your interest to just leave the house.  I have shown a few homes when there is a special feature “behind this door” the sellers have left a note taped up and the buyers have found it.  That has worked nicely.

10. Picking the Wrong Home Selling Agent

You decided to list with your aunt or with your friend that just got in the business. You paid no attention to their experience or what they do to market a home. Maybe not the best idea.

It is always a good idea to explore your options.  And frankly home selling and buying can be a little stressful so be careful with your personal relationships and make sure that its something that the relationship can handle.

Don’t be scared to ask a real estate agent questions about why they are a better choice than anyone else you may be considering. Just like with any profession, there are good real estate agents and there are bad real estate agents.  Make sure there someone you are comfortable with and can have a good dialog with.  This needs to be someone who can tell you good news and bad news.  If you’re not going to be able to ever get hold of this person after the listing is signed probably not a good match.

They should have a good marketing program and I know with my clients I prep them to when they will be hearing from me.  I check up on every showing and get you feed back on how it went.  And your going to hear the good and the bad from me.  Probably another time to not take things personal.  People are going to walk through your home and maybe not like that kitchen that fit you like a glove and you love. They may hate it.

I think as a seller that the negative comments people give on your home are a ton more important then the positive.  Yes its great to hear good things.  But if your home is getting showings and no sale then it is imperative to know what they are not liking about it.  Maybe we can fix it maybe we can’t but without the comment you never know.

Hope this gives you some really good ideas to have your home more prepared for a sale when the time comes for you to put it on the market.  If you plan on selling this year the time is now to start preparing.  Contact me to get your Current Market Analysis so you can start deciding on your price point and taking care of any of the issues that may affect your home sale.

Kootenai County Residential Market Statistics for January 2014

Residential Market Statistics for January 2014 in Kootenai County


Inventory is beginning to change in Kootenai County.

We are seeing a drop in available inventory on the lower priced homes.

Idaho Real Estate Market is moving forward.  A great time to buy or sell Real Estate
Idaho Real Estate Market is moving forward. A great time to buy or sell Real Estate

Still a lot of absorption that needs to happen in the 250k range and up but we are seeing those numbers beginning to move also.  Days on market are still in the 100+ range but when you figure it is taking most people 45 to 60 days to get a loan anymore they are getting picked up a whole lot faster then they used to.

Contact me for a Free Market Analysis on your home!

Summary Statistics
Jan-14 Jan-13 % Chg 2014 YTD 2013 YTD % Chg
Absorption Rate 7.21 8.16 -11.64 7.21 8.16 -11.64
Average List Price $394,463 $355,953 10.82 $378,720 $347,711 8.92
Median List Price $228,800 $199,900 14.46 $221,500 $199,900 10.81
Average Sale Price $222,713 $187,943 18.50 $222,713 $187,943 18.50
Median Sale Price $176,109 $158,500 11.11 $176,109 $158,500 11.11
Average DOM 141 135 4.44 141 135 4.44
Median DOM 111 112 -0.89 111 112 -0.89
Sold Listings
This Month Year to Date
2014 2013 % Chg 2014 2013 % Chg
0-29,999 7 4 75.0 7 4 75.0
30,000-39,999 3 4 -25.0 3 4 -25.0
40,000-49,999 3 3 0.0 3 3 0.0
50,000-59,999 2 3 -33.3 2 3 -33.3
60,000-69,999 1 5 -80.0 1 5 -80.0
70,000-79,999 1 9 -88.9 1 9 -88.9
80,000-89,999 3 4 -25.0 3 4 -25.0
90,000-99,999 2 10 -80.0 2 10 -80.0
100,000-119,999 11 21 -47.6 11 21 -47.6
120,000-139,999 20 18 11.1 20 18 11.1
140,000-159,999 24 25 -4.0 24 25 -4.0
160,000-179,999 15 34 -55.9 15 34 -55.9
180,000-199,999 11 10 10.0 11 10 10.0
200,000-249,999 26 21 23.8 26 21 23.8
250,000-299,999 15 11 36.4 15 11 36.4
300,000-399,999 17 17 0.0 17 17 0.0
400,000-499,999 10 5 100.0 10 5 100.0
500,000+ 10 7 42.9 10 7 42.9
Totals 181 211 -14.2 181 211 -14.2
Pending Listings
This Month Year to Date
2014 2013 % Chg 2014 2013 % Chg
0-29,999 12 2 500.0 12 2 500.0
30,000-39,999 1 5 -80.0 1 5 -80.0
40,000-49,999 1 3 -66.7 1 3 -66.7
50,000-59,999 5 6 -16.7 5 6 -16.7
60,000-69,999 4 9 -55.6 4 9 -55.6
70,000-79,999 1 4 -75.0 1 4 -75.0
80,000-89,999 8 11 -27.3 8 11 -27.3
90,000-99,999 6 9 -33.3 6 9 -33.3
100,000-119,999 11 15 -26.7 11 15 -26.7
120,000-139,999 30 26 15.4 30 26 15.4
140,000-159,999 35 28 25.0 35 28 25.0
160,000-179,999 31 25 24.0 31 25 24.0
180,000-199,999 24 20 20.0 24 20 20.0
200,000-249,999 42 22 90.9 42 22 90.9
250,000-299,999 33 22 50.0 33 22 50.0
300,000-399,999 17 19 -10.5 17 19 -10.5
400,000-499,999 10 15 -33.3 10 15 -33.3
500,000+ 13 15 -13.3 13 15 -13.3
Totals 284 256 10.9 284 256 10.9
Active Listings
This Month Year to Date
2014 2013 % Chg 2014 2013 % Chg
0-29,999 25 28 -10.7 36 35 2.9
30,000-39,999 17 32 -46.9 20 36 -44.4
40,000-49,999 18 28 -35.7 20 29 -31.0
50,000-59,999 27 36 -25.0 37 43 -14.0
60,000-69,999 37 46 -19.6 48 57 -15.8
70,000-79,999 39 45 -13.3 52 53 -1.9
80,000-89,999 42 45 -6.7 50 53 -5.7
90,000-99,999 47 65 -27.7 60 80 -25.0
100,000-119,999 94 110 -14.5 110 138 -20.3
120,000-139,999 137 152 -9.9 167 192 -13.0
140,000-159,999 180 191 -5.8 229 230 -0.4
160,000-179,999 175 187 -6.4 238 228 4.4
180,000-199,999 165 136 21.3 234 164 42.7
200,000-249,999 292 257 13.6 389 305 27.5
250,000-299,999 222 196 13.3 278 246 13.0
300,000-399,999 304 223 36.3 360 277 30.0
400,000-499,999 138 105 31.4 166 136 22.1
500,000+ 357 309 15.5 427 357 19.6
Totals 2316 2191 5.7 2921 2659 9.9
New Listings
This Month Year to Date
2014 2013 % Chg 2014 2013 % Chg
0-29,999 4 10 -60.0 4 10 -60.0
30,000-39,999 2 5 -60.0 2 5 -60.0
40,000-49,999 3 1 200.0 3 1 200.0
50,000-59,999 8 8 0.0 8 8 0.0
60,000-69,999 9 12 -25.0 9 12 -25.0
70,000-79,999 12 11 9.1 12 11 9.1
80,000-89,999 10 7 42.9 10 7 42.9
90,000-99,999 11 14 -21.4 11 14 -21.4
100,000-119,999 22 30 -26.7 22 30 -26.7
120,000-139,999 44 48 -8.3 44 48 -8.3
140,000-159,999 65 50 30.0 65 50 30.0
160,000-179,999 58 57 1.8 58 57 1.8
180,000-199,999 74 45 64.4 74 45 64.4
200,000-249,999 110 81 35.8 110 81 35.8
250,000-299,999 67 65 3.1 67 65 3.1
300,000-399,999 74 52 42.3 74 52 42.3
400,000-499,999 34 23 47.8 34 23 47.8
500,000+ 77 61 26.2 77 61 26.2
Totals 684 580 17.9 684 580 17.9

Still a great time to sell or purchase Real Estate.

Inventory is still good and mortgage rates are still great.   Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions or comments.  Please feel free to use the free home search on the side bar and please friend us on facebook at :  


Silver Meadows Subdivision in Athol, Idaho for the hobby farm or ranch

Silver Meadows Subdivision is located about 15 miles North of Hayden, Idaho, on the South side of Athol.

Silver Meadows is just minutes away from Silverwood Theme Park, about 20 minutes from Post Falls, and  30 minutes from the Spokane Valley.  Ask me  for the short cut if you’re uncertain how to make that happen.  The homes are cute single level ranchers and some 2 story country style homes with a very warm feel.  The floor plans are ranging from about 1400 sq. ft up to about 3500 sq. ft.  A lot of them have cute porches with railing perfect to sit in the rocker and watch the sun set.  You can see the Fireworks that are put on by the theme park  from your porch during the 4th of July.

This subdivision is serviced by the Bitterroot water system and costs $23.67 per month. It serves approximately 150 homes.  So you’re going to get some of the comforts of town with a community system that you don’t have to worry about (well issues).  All of the lots are at least 5 acre lots and quite a few are 10 acre lots, so you’ll have privacy and a little room to spread out.


There are CC&R’s in there and a home owners association.

No home owners association fees though.  CC&R’s are very kind to your animals.  “Don’t disturb the neighbors,” is the rule.  That sounds pretty fair to me.  There are people who live there with horses, goats, sheep, buffalo and an assortment of other critters.  It is a well kept neighborhood with nice landscaping in the front yards and decent fencing.  They do have some rules for any additional buildings that are going up, but really nothing that is not easily navigated.  Keeping the neighborhood nice is the priority.    Contact me for a copy of the CC&R’s.

It seems to be a neighborhood without a lot of turnover in the homes.  Most who buy  stay and raise there family.

There has been 6 homes that have sold in silver meadows in the last year for an average price of $262,858.  The current list of homes for sale in Silver Meadows is attached. Please contact me if you should have any questions on availability of homes in that subdivision or if you currently own one that you would like to sell.